Dad, Chas, Charley, Brinley, PeeWee, Daddy

The last conversation I had with my dad was about UVA baseball – as I left after visiting him he yelled something unintelligible from his room. I walked back wondering what he needed me to do, and he said with glee “UVA just scored another run!!” so we celebrated. I left, saying as I always did “I love you daddy”. That was June 11th, 2011 so UVA was en route to the CWS which they ended up losing in the semi finals. Dad died June 12th. I miss him anyway especially this time of year – I want to share the pro tennis victories/defeats with him and the baseball news among other things. Sports were always a huge part of his life, and he was an amazing role model for good sportsmanship. Add this to it being around the anniversary of his death as well as Father’s day and he is never far from my thoughts. I am so, so thankful that we moved him to Charlottesville for the last 5 years of his life – I truly believe he was happier than he had been in a long, long time and Tess, Dave and I got to share so much more with him.

I should also mention that Dad had epilepsy from his teenaged years on – generalized tonic clonic seizures (grand mal in the old lingo). Epilepsy was much more a mystery in those years, and there were many less options for treatment. Epilepsy never held him back in any way nor did he feel sorry for himself – again, a role model for me when I was diagnosed.

I hope you can read the article I attached – it is from a Canadian newspaper I believe, written about 1943. And in the photograph he looks as happy as I have ever seen him. I cherish that photo. Finally, it is fitting that late last night the UVA baseball team advanced to the College World series finals – an event that would have thrilled my Dad. I will cheer twice as hard for the Hoos!




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