One of the hardest parts about working in healthcare is that people move in and out of your life on a regular basis. In many instances it doesn’t have much of an impact. When it does, it is anything but easy. I speak from a nursing perspective, but it pertains to many of us working in a hospital – maybe more so in a teaching facility. Physicians finish their residency and move on with their families. A co-worker’s husband finishes his degree at UVA and they move on. My best friend’s girlfriend finds a better job 3 hrs away, and their family moves. So very hard each and every time.

This week I found out my friend is moving. A new chapter in her life, and for her family – an exciting time for them. We have worked together for 12 yrs, and been through many life changes over those years. 3 children (hers, not mine!), new houses, appendectomies (both of us), health crises, my parents’ deaths. Not a friendship where we talk every night on the phone, or go out for drinks or dinner, or have our families get together much. Rather a knowledge that a friend has your back as evidenced by a timely text, a card during tough times or showing up at your front door with a bag of treats when you’ve had some tough times. I don’t notice our differences- though we are different in many ways- but rather the similarities. Since we have a great boss we were lucky enough to take a few team trips together – but i cannot talk about those because what goes on in Aruba/NYC stays there. I will say she dances a wicked good twist.

She has the most amazing children (because she and her husband are terrific parents), and I have photographed them over many years. In fact, I got pretty teary looking through photos just now while picking one out to post. Thus I picked out a silly one to lighten my mood. Friendships always change when there is distance involved, so there will be a new normal but still a good friendship to rely on.

As I re-read this prior to posting, I realize it doesn’t begin to convey my thoughts or feelings but I think you all get what I mean.



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