February 27, 2003

As I was rummaging through a drawer 2 days ago, I opened an old journal. Strangely, it opened right to February 27th, twelve years ago. The entry began: “Winter, winter, winter. Will it ever end?” It touched on the love I had for our new dog Stella, and also on the job I had just applied for in outpatient neurosurgery.

Twelve years later, I still am not a fan of winter and it’s gray short days. I still love that golden like a crazy person. However, the journal entry drives home that she will be 13 this summer, and it is so difficult to see her aging. Sweet Stell-Bell. Finally, I took that job when it was offered and have never regretted it – it was time to leave ICU nursing.

Reading old journal entries causes mixed emotions – so much has changed, so little has changed. So, a Stella photo and a fun winter photo.




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