Throwback Monday

Last week i was going through old photos to find one to post for #tbt when Dave and i got mired in a photo album from the ’90’s. We were getting misty eyed at old photos of our jack russell that had died the week prior, and then we came upon a picture of THE flower stand. Our mood brightened, and the reminiscing began. For many years we had a small flower stand at the end of our driveway at 3030 Old Lynchburg rd in N. Garden. Dave and Tess built the stand and painted it, and we all spent time cutting flowers, making bunches and putting them out in a bucket of water throughout the summer. A bunch of flowers was $3.00, a price that never changed over the years. Flowers ranged from lilacs, daffodils,  and peonies  to zinnies, cosmos and marigolds. Whatever was blooming on our property. Payment was by the honor system, and it was so cool to see how well that worked. Only once over many, many years did someone take the cash (and flowers) – and once someone threw over the table. Ernie’s daughter hit the table once in her car, but that was an accident. Occasionally folks would leave an IOU and pay us later. A few times Tess and the Wicks’ girls sat at the end of the driveway and sold some cookies and lemonade along with the flowers. Such sweet memories of those summers. We had regular customers that we got to know a little, and many that we never saw. The picture below was a gift from a woman (and maybe her son – i cannot remember exactly)- she took a photo of the stand and dried some of our flowers, then matted and framed them. One of the most meaningful gifts we have ever received, and one that will stay with us wherever we go.  I am so thankful for all the years in North Garden, and the lasting memories.




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