Track photos

These are a couple of photos taken this weekend at the UVA-Michigan-Cal track meet in Charlottesville. I wanted to get out of the house in order to avoid taking my third nap of the day so I headed out to Lannigan field to shoot some sports photos, a favorite past time of mine. It is always frustrating not being out in the center of the track where the “official” photographers are, but i make do. Need to look into the possibility of getting a pass – maybe they give special consideration to middle aged alums who currently work at UVA. Anyhow, there are always interesting people to chat with – I met Buzz Male who coaches at Albemarle and enjoyed talking with him. Saw assorted Lorenzonis, George Rich and Mike Gaffney.

These are two of my favorite images – they are of Cindy Ofili from the University of Michigan. I love the intensity and strength as she comes over the hurdle, and the colors. The second image is a lovely portrait, with a different intensity still present after finishing (and winning) the race.


14April_uva track588

14April_uva track599


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