Amtrak to DC for the night

Whirlwind trip to DC this past weekend to visit world’s greatest daughter and her man in their city. We crammed a lot of visiting, museum seeing and eating into a very short time. We walked at least 14 miles into the 29 hours we were there. I am still trying to figure out why running 10 miles in 100 minutes seems much easier than walking 14 miles over a much longer time span. At some point I became my mother (any of you that knew her and know me, realize that this is traumatic business) saying ” I need to sit down for a minute. No, I am fine. My back hurts a little.” I am still trying to process this. Thoughts regarding our big city excursion : i need to eat cannolis more often; i love Amtrak; i am throwing out the Quaker instant oatmeal and only eating steel cut oats for the rest of my life; the Metro is invigorating; it is good to get out of town to change my routine, and i need to do it more often. One photo of the Capitol building avec frozen reflection pool, one photo of the bikes of Capitol bikeshare. Random final thought, my husband is a great travel partner.




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