Mini Vacation

It’s always good to get away from the routine periodically, hence our decision to visit the booming metropolis of Tappahannock, VA and the northern neck of Virginia. We randomly chose The Essex Inn as our B&B – and figured we’d explore using that as our base. The inn and innkeepers were great, as was the food and complimentary wine and beer. Tappahannock itself looked like it has seen better days – many vacant and run down buildings. We crossed the Rappahannock and explored the numerous small towns on the northern neck. Hiked a little, found a few “beaches” and a decent restaurant on a dock that served a good caesar salad topped with a crab cake. Dave drove and i intermittently yelled for him to stop the car so I could take pictures. He is a patient man. As always, we enjoyed spending time together – we travel well. I would not stay again in Tappahannock, but would definitely return in warmer weather when we could explore the area in kayaks and on bikes. It is a charming area, and one feels as though you have stepped back in time.Image


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