Friday was a good day.

Friday morning I went out to a nearby club to scout out a photo shoot location. Perfect fall day in Virginia. A man in a car stopped randomly, and pointed out a heron at the edge of the lake that he thought I would appreciate. I whipped out my long lens, snuck to a spot near the heron and waited. I was rewarded by the heron making it’s way closer and closer as I snapped away in photographer heaven. It then flew about 2 ft over my head, close enough to hear the feathers rustling as he/she took flight.

As I was processing that experience I received a text from my high school friend Wynnetta – she and her daughters were in town to see a friend’s tennis match. They were about 3 minutes from where I was bonding with my heron. She and i were both diagnosed with breast cancer this year, so needless to say it has been an intense time for each of us. It meant the world to be able to spend an hour with her and meet her daughters. It is helpful to just be with someone who gets it, who is strong and in a similar battle.

So  now I associate this magnificent heron with my amazing friend, and an exceptionally nice Friday. And, I am thankful that a complete stranger took the time to stop and speak.Image


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