When we lived in the country I had an enormous garden with many vegetables and flowers. It was beautiful, and therapeutic and it may be what i miss most about living on 5 acres with few neighbors. It was calming to go to the garden after a day at work and dig potatoes or pull weeds or cut a bouquet. Sometimes the deer would watch me, sometimes i would find a nest of bunnies and often Stella (my golden) would pick green beans alongside me. Gently, with her soft retriever mouth she would pick a bean at a time and eat it. Repeat. She would also do this with the baby bunnies, which was not so cute. I would end up dirty and sweaty, but happy after being in that garden. There were also mounds of vegetables to can so i had beautiful jars of bright colors on my shelves. It felt like money in the bank.

3 years ago we moved into the city, and one of the tradeoffs is that my garden area is much smaller. Nevertheless it is coming along, and this year we have loads of flowers in a variety of colors. The volume of veggies is not impressive but we are working on that. I miss the silence of my country garden, the space around it and the peace i found there. The coneflower in the photo is from our home in the country and it too is thriving in the city. Image


7 thoughts on “Change

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    My mother is an excellent photographer, gardener, and, as evidenced by this post, writer. Here she talks about the therapy of gardening and gives a glimpse of what it was like where i grew up.

  2. I am enjoying the thrill of a larger garden this summer and thoroughly relate to the peace of heading out to dig in the dirt. We have benefitted from a lot of rain this summer. I hope that your “city garden” flourishes and brings you a lot of joy!

    • I miss canning soo much. As you might guess, my mother did not teach me to can. Rather my neighbor Leona took me under her wing around 1980 and taught me so much. Glad you have a giant garden to play in! I may buy some green beans at the farmers market and make some dilly beans this week.

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